?I Asked Some People on Chatroulette Why They Are Still on Chatroulette

?I Asked Some People on Chatroulette Why They Are Still on Chatroulette

Chatroulette, the chat website that hooks up random people around the world via their webcams, started in 2009 and enjoyed its glory days in 2010. Around that time, it boasted millions of registered users, more than half a million unique visitors a day, and around 35,000 users online at any given moment. New York Magazine wondered if Chatroulette was «the future of the internet,» and website the Frisky called it «the Holy Grail of all internet fun.»

And indeed, getting a girl at a house party to ask some guy on the other side of the world to show his genitals, and subsequently have all your friends jump into the frame to yell «Surprise!» was pretty fun-but it also got old pretty quickly.

If you ask me, Chatroulette was one of the shortest-lived internet crazes of the last decade. However, the 921 people who are online as I write this might feel differently-so I decided to ask some of them why in the world they’re still on Chatroulette in 2016.

On Chatroulette, you can replace the partner you’ve been matched to with one push of the button. Predictably, the recurring theme of my quest for answers was that I kept being skipped by half-naked men, who were probably looking for women. Women are actually hard to find on Chatroulette, so presumably these men are constantly skipping one another, only to run into one another again about an hour later. And skip one another again.

For some reason, the guy above didn’t immediately skip me but instead started drawing a phallus on the screen with «9 inch» written next to it before he even said hello. He said the reason that he was on Chatroulette was that he’d been blocked from a similar website for showing his penis, so now he just stuck to drawing it on the screen. He also claimed he was «looking for pussy,» and since I didn’t really have one on hand, this was another conversation that ended abruptly.

The second person that didn’t immediately skip me was Nabila from France. «U suck like ‘journalist,'» she said during our chat. Continuar leyendo «?I Asked Some People on Chatroulette Why They Are Still on Chatroulette»